Landfill Menagerie

I have blahgged before about why I don’t own a whole bunch of living aminals. Pets. I love dogs. I love cats. I love aminals. I think the GG agrees with me that we really do not want to live with aminals in our house. We don’t have to worry about them getting out and harassing people and we do not have to clean up after them and we can travel whenever we want without worrying about them.

I remember that every time my brother left the moomincabin with his dog Sam, the parents (and I, if I was there) would swing into action to vacuum up the dog hair. No one was allergic! We all loved Sam! But he shed fur like dogs do and no one wanted to live with dog fur all over everything. It’s hard enough to deal with *sand* in the moomincabin. I remember sleeping in sandy sheets when I was a child. As a young teenager, I learned to wash my feet before I went to bed. I washed them in the kitchen sink, which was the only place we had running water in those days. I still wash my feet at the end of the day, sandy or not.

I love dogs and cats but I knew from early adulthood that I did not want to deal with the responsibilities of pet ownership on any kind of long term basis. We’ll talk about guinea pig and some of the others some other day.

The aminals in the pic are a small part of the Landfill Menagerie. Mousie’s shadow there indicates that Mr. Golden Sun was out in full force today and he is heading north. We did not do anything much except read today. River ride in the late afternoon. It was all okay. I needed a slow day like today.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t want this cat of Alison’s, but she has wrapped herself around my heart and is now mine. That said, she is destructive, her litter box is nasty unless I clean it out every couple of days(or every day!) and it is a pain to go away on trips because someone has to care for her.