Suzy Homemaker (or should it be Real Men Bake Cookies?)

When you are The Breadwinner and come home from a day toiling in the Salt Mines to The Pensioner, you never know what to expect. A few of the things I have come home to in the last year:

New compost structure? Yes!

A whole bunch of stuff FLUNG? YES YES YES!!!

Tin-foil hat? Hmmmmm… A little scary but also kind of funny and has a back history that pre-dates current-day polly-ticks.

Gardening in underwear in the front yard? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Today? He made cookies! Our friend Marilyn painted up a bunch of jars and filled them with various things. Some had candy, others were more creative like this bear jar, which contained the ingredients for Black Bear Cashew Layered Cookies. Most of the ingredients anyway. She also provided eggs and other ingredients.

I love Marilyn and her jar kits are beautiful but somehow in the hubbub of cleaning up and moving out of the DNR lodge we stayed in at Tahq a few weeks ago, we ended up with *three* of them. All of them involve baking. Oh dear. That means that *someone* has to bake and one of the things that KW does not normally have the psychological energy to do these days is bake. And that meant that I ended up with baking kits here at the Landfill that I would probably not get to for a while, hence GUILT! So I was ecstatic that The Pensioner made cookies today and a couple of those cookies in my lunch bag will make a nice 3:00 snack.

Lest you think that Marilyn is an old-fashioned grandma that bakes cookies all the time, not not not. Uber hiker woman in all kinds of conditions.

One Response to “Suzy Homemaker (or should it be Real Men Bake Cookies?)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love cashews so I’m sure I would enjoy these!