Just a boring pic of my compost thing covered in snow

So Old Man Winter threw a few snowballs at us today. All day. I suspect Mother Nature was right in there helping him pack snow with Mr. Bear Bare Nature sleeping it off in the snow as usual. (I’ll tell that story from my misspent youth some other day. Maybe.)

After a gorgeously sunny but cold weekend and a lot of dry weather in recent weeks, it was snowing when I got up this morning. Sigh. I hauled out my boots and YakTrax yet again. Sigh. I could’ve telecommuted today. I didn’t. The Weather Gods weren’t predicting a big 10-inch accumulation although I think we got more than what they were predicting. The Pensioner didn’t need to drive anywhere today so I took the Frog Hopper to work. And what the heck, I actually felt like fighting the elements today. That is a bit uncharacteristic for me these days so I’m not sure what got into me but I wanted to work in my Loverly Cube so I spent my morning commute in something approaching the usual zen-like state of calm it almost always instills in me. Maybe it’s just that it is March and as nasty as March can be, the light is at the end of the tunnel. It may be a pinpoint but we can see it. We’ll talk about April ice storms and May snow-squalls some other day. Sigh.

The commute home? Mostly zen-like except for the tailgater who honked at me when I slowed down to a crawl upon encountering boiler-plate ice at a very busy intersection. I did not want to rear-end anyone. I also did not want to be rear-ended. I did not understand why that person was tailgating me. Fortunately he didn’t hit me. I know it was a “he” because he was so close to me I could see him in my rear-view mirror. He looked a lot like a certain worm-looking “senior” (31-y/o) advisor of the Trumpian Dynasty*. Oops, you said you would stop talking to the radio, KW. Anyway, back off A**hole boogaloo! The roads aren’t that bad but there are plenty of slippery spots. Your SUV can handle a lot of stuff but it won’t stop on ice any better than any other car will, including my Outback.

Chill. Please.

*Not to dis 30-somethings in general! Just not crazy about this particular 30-something. Sorry. Most of the 30-somethings that I know in real life absolutely ROCK!

One Response to “Just a boring pic of my compost thing covered in snow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate being tailgated, especially in ice. There is NO control on it, and going slow is the only smart move.