Accidental Uglies

So, yesterday. What was I clanked up about? Well, I *get* clanked up when people post cryptic ain’t-it-awful messages on social media (mostly facebook). Without saying exactly what is going on in their life, they drum up sympathy. “Oh, you poor thing”, “*hugs*” (another pet peeve of mine), etc.

If you have had a stoopid tiff about something with your “best friend” or your computer has died and you had to endure humiliation by Apple Store personnel, or you are sick with a garden variety cold, or you have a hangnail, go ahead and post your misery. If you do post it, please provide a short summary of why *you* are upset. And consider if facebook is the right place for this? Facebook is a convenient way to disseminate information but you *may* not want some person who had a crush on you 40 years ago and hasn’t quiiiiite let it go yet to know the “horror” of what you are going through. So if you’re is a First World Problem, please label it as such! I have learned this stuff from experience, BTW!

On the other hand, what prompted yesterday’s entry was a cryptic post from a facebook friend. A person I have known since junior high but was not connected with in high school or since except for facebook. It took me all day to figure out that her husband died (suddenly, at 63, at home) Saturday night. Saturday night, the GG and I were hanging out here having a quiet evening at the Landfill. I’m gonna guess these folks may have been hanging out in similar circumstances in their home. I think that anyone going through that kind of stuff can post whatever the heck they want on facebook whenever they want. When you are in the early stages of processing the shock/grief that comes with a sudden death, I am sure it’s hard to think everything through. Well actually, I know, because I remember the conversations I had with Dogmomster in the hospital parking lot the day my brother died, oh so many years ago. Before facebook. My beloved Big Band Guy I/M’d me when he was still alive but he didn’t live long enough to be on facebook…

Kee-reist, I hope today’s photooo didn’t scare anyone. It kind of scared me when I first saw it. Blair Witch Project, anyone? I considered posting Simcoe the cat inspecting whine socks in Fla but then I found this. I am sure that this is an accidental selfie. Like I wanted to take a pic of something and accidentally flipped the phone into selfie mode and clicked.

2 Responses to “Accidental Uglies”

  1. Sam Says:

    Still chuckling about your amaze-face!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Great face!! Ashley took a photo of me in my bike helmet in LA, and it was kind of horrifying. Am I really THAT OLD? I don’t enjoy those posts either, but feel like I should comment with sympathy. Argghh!