The Grace Route

I was a little bit late getting home today. No, it was not due to traffic, just an uncharacteristically late-running meeting. Traffic was a weeeee bit worse than average but there were no major slowdowns. I did NOT like the slowdown at the I94 18-wheel Slogway Jackson exit. My exit. It wasn’t a long slowdown but it is a short exit ramp and things are squirrely there and let’s just say I felt like a sitting duck looking at the rearview mirror hoping that everybody ELSE who was getting off at that exit took note of my brakelights. The vee-hickle behind me stopped in time but then I started thinking about other vee-hickles farther back who might not stop in time and for a split second I was terrified that I would be “accordioned” into a multi-car crash. *Finally* things started to move again. It usually isn’t that bad at that exit. If it was, I would take the back roads.

Years ago, an older man suffered a medical incident on that exit ramp, lost control of his car and careened through the intersection at the end of it (there is a stoplight, not sure if it was green or not) into a parking lot and building on the other side of Jackson Road. I thought “how awful” and went on with my life. And then a woman from the neighborhood started engaging me in conversation as I was out walking. She was talking about hawks and things and I was polite to her but had my guard up. Do I really want to be friends with this person? I felt like not, but I have been wrong sometimes in my life, so I gave it a try.

I let my guard slip enough to tell her that I walk early every morning. Oh dear, she wanted to walk with me. Okay. I walked with her twice. It was excruciating for me. First, I could not do my Regular Route. She had no understanding of me or why I do what I do. I accommodated for her on that. Second, when we encountered Grace Street, she fell into some kind of rapture or whatever about the street name. Oh jeebus! I was a small child in Sault Ste. Siberia when the neighborhoods that I now live in here on The Planet Ann Arbor were built and I *think* that Grace is probably the name of some ancient or dead real estate developer’s kid.

I don’t think my new friend was truly a morning person because we walked those two times and then I never heard from her again and I am certain that she moved out of the neighborhood. She did divulge the information that it was her father who careened off of the Jackson Rd. exit and hit a building or whatever. I can’t remember what she said happened to her parents (her mother was in the car when it happened). I don’t think they died but I am guessing they are not around any more…

But I did make it home safely today if a wee bit late and the crocus is what is in the back yard today. This is not early for crocus, just happy to see it bloom.

Love y’all, KW

One Response to “The Grace Route”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My crocus are blooming, but not yet a single tulip which is disturbing. I’m sure it’s due to the atrocious weather that the plants are at least 2 weeks behind. We need some SUN!!