Sweet Home Alabama

One of the [many] states I have never been to before. 653.7 miles today! Or is it 657.3? Does it matter? I’m not sure what time it was but it was around mile 500-something that we saw a sign for a Jack Daniels distillery tour. Did I want to go on a bourbon tour? Oh. My. Gosh. Not at this hour (or whatever). We would have to get off the freeway, drive who knows how many miles, figure out how to get on a tour, take the tour. No. It was time to start thinking *seriously* about where we were going to s-t-o-p for the night. We won’t even talk (this time) about the fact that I “own” one square inch of land somewhere around there. Via Squire Finlayson, aka my old coot.

We started out on the I75 Snowbird Geezerway this morning but we split off a bit south of Cincinnati (ugh to that section of freeway) onto I71 and went over to I65 and down through Louisville (KY) and Nashville (TN). I have never traveled on either I71 or I65 before. I have never been to Louisville or Nashville before. And I can’t really say I have been to those places now. We did drive-bys. In the case of Nashville, since I was driving and had NO CLUE where the heck I was or where I needed to go, it was a an exercise in self-control. Trying to remain CALM as the GG navigated me through about a billion interchanges. In most cases, I simply needed to GO STRAIGHT but it was still stressful. I do not know what the heck we did before GPS and Google maps… And no, I did not get a photo of the Batman Building. The only reason it was on my radar screen at all was because some random person tweeted about it the other day. They said it was in Nashville. “Our” “plans” for this trip have been kind of all over the map but at that time, I wasn’t even sure we were going *through* Nashville. But we did and I kept my eyes open and I saw it but there was no way I could stop and get a pic. Oh, and I ALMOST missed the Butter Jeebus (Monroe, OH). I was driving then too and I drove past it without seeing it but then I realized we were passing Monroe and there it was in my rear view mirror. It’s okay. It isn’t anything like the original Butter Jeebus (it’s a YouTube and you can quit after the faaaaar starts unless you want to listen to the whole song). Alas, I never saw the original Butter Jeebus in person and it was destroyed by lightning a while back (see video). The new one doesn’t even begin to replace it but I still like to note its location.

So we have finally made a hard stop here in northern Alabama and we are about to go out and figger out where to eat. The choices are a bit limited, mainly chains, but it turns out it isn’t a Dry County. We were a bit worried about that but I think they just don’t advertise liqwire on signs everywhere. All that said, we are a wee bit spoiled, given that every small town in the northern Great Lake State seems to have a decent brewpub or two or three not to mention fancy coffee joints and The Planet Ann Arbor has just about everything you could ever want.

2 Responses to “Sweet Home Alabama”

  1. Sam Says:

    Just wait until you get farther south, to LA. That is: lower Alabama. Even more limited consumer options…I’d expect anyway.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad you’re safely stopped for the night! We are spoiled here too, but don’t realize it until we travel. Brewpubs and coffee joints are everywhere here. Not so much elsewhere. Have a great time!!