0 miles today

At least not in the Frog Hopper. We did put in a couple miles in a fancy new Prius.

I began my day with coffee, which I poured into my fave Atlantian Bay News 9 mug and drank while keeping an eye on a software update that ended up taking something like 30 minutes. It was okay. We did not find ourselves in any kind of a hurry to mobilize this morning.

When we did eventually mobilize, our host was somewhat apologetic that our destination was the same place she took us the last time we visited, the Atlanta Mechanical Botanical Gardens. This plan was A-OK with us though. The gardens are always a treat and at this point in our trip, I’m not sure I could’ve taken in one more new and wondrous thing. And of course, the gardens, being gardens, are by definition different every time you visit. I love it there and we had a nice little lunch (with whine) in the new (I think) cafe on the grounds.

Pics below. I’m too lazy (I think) to caption anything.

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