Go ask Alice

So, last night, sometime between the time I got home from Cubelandia and when I later angled out the front door and around the corner to throw some bits of recycle into the cart, a BIG BOX arrived. I did not hear it arrive but that may be because I was in the back yard for a while. Apparently I did not have to sign for it. It was addressed to The Pensioner. The return address was inscrutable to me. It was HEEEEAAAAVVVVYYYY! I am not a weakling but I struggled to get it in the front door. What was in it? Oh yeah. It is a new wheel for the Trash Trailer! The last time TP used the Trash Trailer to transport some piece of trash or other somewhere, one of the wheels disintegrated. This is a *very* old trailer and he had to surf around quite a bit to find a replacement. If I had known what was in the box, I would’ve just left it outside.

I’m still reading Marlena but nearing what I think is going to be a bad ending. Will Pollyanna show her face? Dunno but doesn’t seem so. As NpJane pointed out, there is another somewhat similar novel set in the northern lower – The Lake the River and the Other Lake. It’s been a while since I read that one but I am guessing the setting is actually Charlevoix. I could be wrong though. I liked/didn’t like that book. I liked it because it was a story I could get into and there were a couple of characters that I felt empathetic with.

That said…

<not-safe-for-work-alert>There was more sex than I was comfortable with. I am not a prude in any way, shape, or form. I know that teenagers are, well, you know. I WAS a teenager once. I didn’t just materialize as Old Baggy. Where I got off the train is where the main male protagonist and the female antagonist did the dastardly deed in a crumbling old lighthouse and they did it so vigorously that the lighthouse crumbled. Really?</not-safe-for-work-alert>

Besides that, I wasn’t crazy about how neatly the story wrapped up although I was happy for the *female protagonist*, a young woman who wasn’t all that different from who I was as a teenager, although I didn’t have a parental divorce/mid high-school move to deal with (I *think* I am remembering that correctly from the book).

But read the book and form your own opinions!

If you are a Trump fan, you may not want to look at The New Yorker’s most recent cover but I got a huge laugh out of it and I needed that. If you *do* want to see it and my link takes you to a pay wall, just google it.

And finally… Go Ask Alice. When she’s 10 feet tall. [Youtube link, may or may not be an ad.]

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s difficult to continue with a book when you see a bad ending coming. For me anyway. I have no illusions about teenagers, but it doesn’t mean I want to read all the lascivious details. 😉