When the Master of the Universe disappears, moom reads

I started a new book “Borne” today. It is a palate cleanser from Marlena and a couple of the other books I’ve read lately. Sci-fi novel of the dystopian sort with a giant flying bear and what starts out as a small sea-anenome-like creature that I think needs to live in Mouse’s house. Is the anenome-like creature a good “guy” or a bad “guy”. I am maybe a third of the way through the book and so far he is a good guy but he has grown a lot and we’ll see. I heard about this book on NPR Science Friday last week when I was driving up to Houghton Lake. I’m liking it so far.

I did a lot of stuff today but I think the only picture I took was of a bottle of wool washing soap that I found when doing some random cleaning/organizing chores. I took the pic so I could send it to Mouse because I was thinking that’s who owns it. And yes.

Besides that, I stocked up at the farmer’s market, which is now open at 7 AM and because my market assistant was not around, I had to drive down there. Full parking lot at 7 AM. Chores and a few more errands filled my morning and part of the afternoon. Partly the regular Saturday chores that I do when I’m in town but I did a few other little random chores too.

Somebody on facebook posted a thingy of dogs that have been taught to say “I love you” [it’s a Youtube link]. My brother’s old dog Sam was taught to say a few things, “Mom” and “GrrrrMom” (aka Grandmom) are what I remember the most. I don’t think Sam was taught to say “I love you”. It’s okay. I loved him *anyway* and I think he loved me back, even when I had to make him take aspirin.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I know what you mean about palate cleansers; sometimes after a particularly grueling Book Club read, I just have to read something fun and trashy. If not trashy, easy reading at least.