Whoof! Did I earn my pay today!

More than the usual morning chores but that was my bad for not rounding up every single piece of china/glassware after yesterday’s big mother’s day blowout before starting the dishiosio washer, plus there were alien artifacts like empty beer cans from a boondoggle up north. And laundry. The laundry I threw into the washer last evening but never managed to get into the dryer. Fortunately, 90% of it was the GG’s and I don’t have to deal with sorting his stuff out. I just fling it over onto his side of the bed and he puts it away. That’s how it works around here. Growing up in a 10-kid fam, he learned early that if you wanted your laundry to get done and back to you any time in the near future, you were better off doing it yourself.

Work was work. I was dealing with updating the picky little stuff that is *not* all that interesting. Ancillary spreadsheets, etc., plus a morning Skype session with iDeep, who has been picking up little rocks and finding boggarts and things under them.

Home to more chores or maybe continuing chores would be a better word because I was still catching up with dishes and laundry. But I did get my mother’s day impatiens potted! I had two flats to pot into three pots and there I was, laboriously taking each individual plant out of its whatchamacallit, poking a hole in the soil and… The GG: Why aren’t you pulling out all four of them together? Like your *mother* used to do? Say what? Um, because I didn’t know you could do it that way? Suffice it to say the 2nd and 3rd pot went a lot faster than the first one.

Actually my day doesn’t hold a candle to what the The Pensioner did today. I don’t remember all of it. There was a trip to Kroger for fake breakfast sausage and things and something about topsoil. And then there was the part where he put the NEW WHEEL on the Trashmobile and was driving along (with topsoil in the trailer) and heard some kind of THUMPING noises. He stopped immediately and found that the NEW WHEEL was about to fall off the axle or whatever it is. Somehow (this is the GG, roight?) he limped to an auto parts store (?) where he got some bolts (or something) to secure the NEW WHEEL. Anything to avoid a tow truck. BTW, TP is more than welcome to provide his own story about this in the comments. I am sure I have mangled it.

3 Responses to “Whoof! Did I earn my pay today!”

  1. GG Says:

    I secured a new wheel rim and tire to the left side of the trailer today. I put a new wheel rim and tire on the other right side two weeks ago. So… today I picked up one yard of top soil and slowly began my ride about four miles back home. When turning onto South Maple from Scio Church Road I rounded the turn a little quickly. A couple hundred yards down the road I heard a thumping sound and stopped! Three of the four bolts that hold the wheel onto the axle hub were missing. One bolt remained and it had nearly come off the hub. I had a small hydraulic jack that could lift the very heavily loaded trailer. I borrowed two bolts from the right side of the trailer and moved them to the left side of the trailer. I think the threaded holes for the bolts have become stripped. Apparently three bolts were ripped out of the wheel hub. I was able to s-l-o-w-l-l-y limp to a nearby auto parts store and purchase four new bolts. I was able to secure both left and right wheels to their hubs. I s-l-o-w-l-y limped home with the heavily loaded trailer.

    I think I need new wheel hubs. The hubs are old, rusted, and the boltholes are somewhat stripped.

    I made it home safely. The bolts seemed to hold up very well. The trailer was over-loaded.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I was married to a man who could manage and problem solve these sorts of situations also. It is still too cold to plant here, but I’m hoping for this weekend. Of course, if I am offered a bike ride with Henry, I’ll probably do that instead. Doubtful that it’ll happen though. sigh

  3. isa Says:

    Eek! Just seen this! Careful dad!