Women Men Who Work Cook

I know, I know. I should buy Ivanka’s book and actually read it. She works, right? I’m sure she does. Most *people* do, whether they get paid a commensurate amount of money (or whatever) for what they do or not. That can work in various directions, by the way.

A long time ago I got pounced on over at Bugs and Horsey’s house for saying that my sister-in-law (not *that* one) didn’t work. I was running my mouth and didn’t think know to add “outside the home” to the word “work” (and that branch of the fam parses language a bit differently than my branch does). This particular sister-in-law was raising five children and helping out with I dunno how many other people’s kids and whoever else needed her plus doing stuff for the family business at times. I don’t think she would’ve cared whether I told somebody she didn’t work but ever since then, I have at least tried to think my words through a little more carefully when I talk about whether or not women work, at least partly because I spent a 14-year mid-career stint of not working for a commensurate amount of money during which I felt like I was working my you-know-what off!

Today I (a woman) worked from home and at home. That is, I did the usual domestic kitchen/household maintenance-type stuff that I always do (and LIKE to do). The GG cooked a wee brek and made some coffee. I have come to depend upon him for Sunday / vacay breakfasts. I can do it but he is sooooo good at it. And then I commandeer the sink to do the dishioshios. We are in sync on that.

I also worked on paid prodjects. With permission from Amazon Woman (my supervisor, not Radical Betty), I did some work this weekend. I mean paid work. I am “creatively” scheduling some time so that I can enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend “up north” with my family without having to travel with the usual holiday weekend warriors. Knock on wood, I actually got *caught up* today. And then I washed some dishes and prepped some stuff for dinner.

Men who cook? The Pensioner has always been able to make his way around a kitchen with aplomb. He is *always* ready to cook an egg for a hungry adult child. “Daddy?” In the last couple years he has become a grill master, hence the pineapple chicken thingy that is currently on our gas grill. Other than schlepping a pineapple home from the Plum in my backpack today, I have had nothing to do with this. I think he googled the idea. I think it will work out well. I made a salad and have fingerling potatoes and Farmer John’s asparagus warming in Gertrude’s top oven.

Oh yeah, Women Who Work? Ivanka posts cute pictures of her children and that is fine. I think she is probably a good, loving mother and is doing a fine job with them. Where I get off the train is the part where we all know she can afford nannies and drivers and household help, etc. I am not complaining about my life, the one in which my family and I have never been “rich” but we have always been able to afford whatever we need and a little bit more. I am thinking about folks who are struggling to find jobs that pay well enough to enable them to feed their families. Not sure Ivanka understands those situations. Maybe I don’t either? I certainly won’t be writing a book!

Conflicting trains of thought tonight so I doubt any of that made sense. G’night. KW.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Patt was great at BBQs and cooking eggs(I’m much too impatient) and made a wonderful potato salad. My desserts were better, mostly because he wasn’t a sweets eater. 🙂 I am always careful to say work outside the home because of my SIL. She thinks she works way harder than I did–full-time job and 2 kids too. Whatever.