Twittering and yammering and yelling over the wall. Oh, and talking to the radio.

We’ll start with talking to the radio, which I do pretty much whenever I have NPR rolling along in the background of my life, except in the Ninja, because I am concentrating on driving then and about the most I can muster is an occasional fbomb under my breath and that fbomb might just as well be directed at an *ss*ole driver as the radio.

Talking to the radio…

“That man is crazy!” My great grandfather apparently said that about FDR while pacing the floor and listening to the radio. That would be my great grandfather MacMu (or *maybe* Lathers but I think MacMu). My Fin great grandfather died in northern Saskatchewan in the late 19th century and I doubt g-grandpa Raeburn was around for FDR either but I could be wrong. So, what are the initials of the person who *I* am talking about? Hint: times have changed since then and “crazy” might not be exactly the right word in either case. But.

“He is either lying or he’s suffering advanced dementia.” That is my quote and my quote alone. Who do you think I am talking about? I will tell you that I think he is lying pants-on-fire. I know enough about liars from my personal/”family” interactions in the last few years that I can spot one moiles away and that is about as far as I will go with that.

“*Why* under the *sun* do we have people like *that* in the *government*?” Who am I quoting? This sentiment, alas, applies to *many* people at all levels of government and I say it ALL THE TIME!

Twittering and yammering and yelling over the wall…

Our company locks our work laptops out of any kind of social media. This is for a number of good reasons, tantamount among them data security but I’m also gonna guess that they don’t want people frittering away their time posting cat videos on Facebook. So I’m not sure why the company has launched an in-house social media platform. Here I was, thinking it was a way for people to connect about *work* stuff? Even though if I want to connect to people about work stuff, I have email, Skype, phone, walkabout, and, if it is FZ I need to connect with, I just yell over the wall. (I rarely talk to anyone on the phone but the Benevolent Despot is over in Israel right now and called me yesterday to send him some files, so I had to include that.) But who am I? Apparently people are joining the company social thingy in droves and there are all kinds of groups for various hobbies and people are posting cat videos and the whole works. Go figure.

Me? What did I do at work today? Okay, I won’t lie. I did check email and text messages and social media (on my phone) multiple times. That’s how I got the loverly Elekayak photooo that Mouse sent me from Lake Huron today. I also did the xword and read a wee bit of my book (Arcadia and I read it at lunch). But mostly? I was picking away at writing and diagramming and spreadsheeting and screenshotting and fielding extremely complicated questions from highly talented people whose first language is Indian or Chinese. And some of these folks were dialing in from remote locations so it was hard to *hear* them. Not to mention the English-speaking folks who speak different “product” languages. We struggle to understand each other but, ultimately, we all have info-tech expertise and understand our product, so ultimately we get where we need to be.

And me today? Alas, to my colleagues, I probably sounded like Kellyanne Conway does to me. Babblety babblety babblety babblety babblety at a very high rate of speed. Hopefully my words made some sense to those for whom English is a second (or 3rd or 4th or whatever) language but not sure… Note to KW. S-L-O-W down!!! 🐽

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