In the library…

rocksMy favorite place. That’s where I keep all my magazines too. New Yorkers? Yeah. Two or three of them. I’m behind as usual but I am not as behind as I used to be. Lake Superior Magazine? Yes, I get that magazine. It is great except for when the house-type section features some mbillionaire’s beautiful mansion on Gitchee Gumee. Sorry but some of us who have been there forever or since the 1920s just don’t understand all this big building stuff. Back in the day, running water meant that Grandroobly and his siblings would grab a bucket, run down to the lake, fill up the bucket, and run back up. He used to tell about this in his later years. Back in those days, they weren’t worried too much about lake pollution and I am still not, despite all kinds of warnings hither and yon. In my life, I think I have drunk a lot of water out of our bay. Has it ever made me sick? I don’t think so. How many quadrillion gallons of water?

We all have our own wells now. For many, many years, our Uncle Don shared his well water with us via a garden hose. Yes, a garden hose. In the beginning, we had an outhouse and cold running water in a kitchen sink. The hose worked wonderfully in those days. And then we all moved our bathrooms indoors and added hot water and whatever. Eventually, the garden hose model succumbed to individual wells. I could talk about when we got our well but it’s a whole ‘nother story and I think I’ll do it another day.

For now, the rocks in the pic are under ice. I am not even sure where they are. Maybe I’ll figger it out come spring. Or not…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Those are beautiful rocks and we have the McMansions around here too. They are ultra pretentious.