Tick Tock Buggity Buggity

Okay, so the Plan was to drive up to the Tahqua Trail and hike in to where the Beaver Deceiver was installed last fall. I was okay with that except that, on the way up there we drove through torrential rain. I did NOT want to hike in that stuff. Especially if there was lightning. I DO NOT DO LIGHTNING!

I knew how much the GG wanted to check out his beloved Beaver Deceiver and drains and things and that he would try to push me to hike in a situation I didn’t really want to hike in. We drove all the way down the Tahqua Trail to the parking place and this is what the road looks like there except that this is when we [eventually] drove out. Driving in, threatening clouds were ahead of us.

So. We parked at the parking place and I did not trust the weather and so I was being whatever it was that Pooh said about being unhappy on a hiking/camping trip down on the beach this afternoon. I can’t remember what she said but I was being a b*tch. But I am also afraid of hiking in lightning and I think that is a rational fear. The GG promised that if we heard thunder, we would return to the parking lot lickety split. So we got out of the Frog Hopper and sprayed ourselves with Deet or whatever and we were just about ready to head on over to the Beaver Deceiver when I heard thunder. I was done done done and then I got back in the Frog Hopper and he *sadly* obliged me. So we drove back up that dirt road and pulled off onto one of the pullouts on the re-routed North Country Trail. We were at the double bridge elevated walkway.

We walked a bit in that area and I heard thunder a couple more times but it sounded moiles away and then the sun started to make an appearance. There is no internet service in that area so I couldn’t check the weather but I steeled myself and said, “Hey buddy, dooya want to go back down to look at the Beaver Deceiver?” Yes yes yes. And so we did and I took the next couple of pics quick quick quick because this was just about the buggiest hike I have taken in quite a while. Mostly mo-skee-toes… Had to keep moving!

I didn’t mention before that the few minutes we were outside the Frog Hopper the FIRST time, I managed to pick up a tick. I pulled it off the back side of my wrist just as it was making moves to attach itself to me. We cannot figger how I picked that thiing (uh, thiing? thiiiiiiiing?) up but YICK!

After that we had lunch at the Silver Creek Saloon and then scooted down the Curley Lewis back to the moomincabin, where we decamped to the beach. We spent a long time (hours) watching this cloud bank form over Bay Mills, et al, and wondering if it would engulf us or not.

You know it did!

Good night! It is our anniversary tomorrow. I am not sure if I am strong enough to say how many years. Or maybe it’s just that I cannot do the math. We don’t plan on doing anything exorbitant or giving each other expensive gifts or whatever. We are going to do exactly what we (I) want to do. We have spent too many anniversaries managing funerals. I don’t expect we will be doing that tomorrow. At least I HOPE NOT!

3 Responses to “Tick Tock Buggity Buggity”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t run in lightning either–SO many big trees around here that it would be stupid. A tick? I’ve never even seen one, so I’m sure I would freak out. Happy Anniversary today! Hope you’ve enjoyed it!! xoxo

  2. l4827 Says:

    H.A. 35th!

  3. l4827 Says:

    Tomorrow is the fourth, so have a fifth!