Squee-grok! Squee-grok! Froggies fer Xmas!

Grok Grok. I dunno why Ol’ Baggy is whinin’ aroun’ abou’ white ‘n’ gray xmases ‘n’ how sad ‘er stoopid ol’ life is. Grok grok. It is a *green* xmas here. Jus’ look at th’ froggies I got from Th’ Ol’ Commander! A nice li’l squeaky frog frien’. ‘n’ a *dish* froog! I hope Ol’ Baggy doesn’ break th’ dish froog. She’s such a big ol’ klutz! Squee-grok! Squee-grok! Happy Holly-days!

xmasfrog.jpg  dishfrog.jpg

One Response to “Squee-grok! Squee-grok! Froggies fer Xmas!”

  1. Bers Says:

    This is green guy and it is a green and woozy Christmas at the Commander’s bungaloe. The tequlia was flowing and the old folks was just a gabbing. See ya later.
    Grok Grok