Dum dum dah dah…

It is a hot kinda swampy day down here on the Planet Ann Arbor. It is art fair week so whaddya expect? The Art Fair(s) actually do not start until tomorrow morning but all of the streets downtown closed this morning. It’s okay. The art fair(s) are like the UMich football games. I love the ambience of having that stuff in town but I am glad I can manage to avoid the traffic.

My Ninja’s A/C is still not fixed but it does kick in after mile or so of driving. It has to do with some kind of “clutch” but not the one that I use to shit shift the gears with. Sigh.

As I was working today, folks were babbling and I was ignoring it all until I heard Mr. Luv say “Donald Duck”. I said something about that to cube neighbor Nik and she asked if my husband did a Donald Duck voice or whatever. My response was that the GG does a lot of weird interesting stuff but he does not do Donald Duck. And we gnoffed and gnoffed.

I don’t ever really know what The Pensioner is gonna do on any given day while I’m at work.

Nik and I kind of sneaked out at the same time (it was that kind of day) and when I got home and walked into the house, it smelled like gasoline! What! So here he is “exercising” our generator. Even though we don’t need it right now because the power is on here at the Landfill.

4 Responses to “Dum dum dah dah…”

  1. jane Says:

    My power went out yesterday afternoon, for 2 short periods. No clue why. Best to have your generator ready, I suppose. Plus, it keeps the Pensioner busy.

  2. isa Says:

    I have heard Aunt Susie do a Donald Duck voice!

  3. Margaret Says:

    It never hurts to work on the generator! When we needed ours (desperately!), it didn’t work, so good for the Pensioner!

  4. GG Says:

    I periodically run the generator to make sure it is ready for emergencies. This time, it didn’t want to start very well (wouldn’t start at all). I drained most of the fuel and was finally able to get it started. When it did start, it only wanted to run with a full choke! What?!? I drained all of the fuel and restated with a mix of choke cleaner and NO-ETHANOL Gasoline. Pretty soon the generator was running just fine. I then let it run with Ethanol-free gasoline. ETHANOL IN FUEL IS BAD FOR SMALL ENGINES. This strongly affects engines that require high reliability. Be safe and only use Ethanol-free gasoline in generators and outboard motors. Ethanol in gasoline is a scam. Damn that EPA!