Boat Breaks

You have heard of coffee breaks? I am taking boat breaks here telecommuting from my family’s beach on the mouth of the upper St. Marys River, looking out into Whitefish Bay.

What is a Boat Break? A Boat Break is when kayakwoman walks down to the beach to watch whatever freighter is going by. How does KW know that a freighter is going by? Via the Marine Traffic iPhone app, of course. That’s the Indiana Harbor going up into Lake Superior in the pic.

My often quiet job was crazy today with I/M and emails and complicated functionality that I had to sort out with various developers and whatever. It was all fun, even including the meeeeeeting that went on forever this afternoon. At about a quarter to five, someone in Ann Arbor asked if we were done. The meeting had gone on for 45 minutes over by that time and we finally ended it.

I had asked, “Can I go down to the beach now?” Laughter ensued but I did go down to the beach and it was very hot down there today. A lot like Long Boat Key in Florida back in April.

Love y’all,

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  1. Sam Says:

    Boat Breaks. I get ’em now!