I am kind of not good with words about this but “we”, meaning the entire beach community and others saluted our friend Barb’s death yesterday, at her beautiful home just down the beach from our humble cabin. Here is her particular view at sunset.

Barb’s son, my childhood friend Kevin found this jigger for the GG. Yes there was a booze/whine table, also a lot of food. That’s what Barb would’ve wanted. But what she probably mostly wanted to happen was for all of us to get together. And we did! Even this shy person got to talking with old friends and meeting new ones. Love.

Life goes on and I haven’t done the typical thing of wanting to call my mother since she died but today, we were over at Jack’s Grub and Pub, where we split a BLT and each had a bowl of WONDERFUL soup. I found a pic of Barb stuffed into my small purse from last night and I kind of wanted to text it to my mother but… Well…

But today, we also moved on, like we must do. And so here is the GG teaching my first cousin twice removed (aka, my cousin’s grandchild) how to drive a Motor Bote. Barbara Mullin taught me and many others how to swim. Some of us talked about that last night. The GG is teaching people how to drive botes. And I taught the GG and another how to send text messages with effect. It’s a small thing but…

2 Responses to “Eternity.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Hip and fashion-forward, KW also knows iPhone SMS options!

  2. Margaret Says:

    It’s that true cycle of life, isn’t it? Teaching others and being taught. It’s a beautiful thing.