Misadventure in the northern lower

The northern lower peninsula, that is. I needed to get outta dodge for a bit of a day trip. The GG has been traveling a lot the last couple weeks and this trip was probably more than he wanted to take on but he obliged me and so we headed down below the Big Mac and westward over to Cross Village, where we did a very short walk on this beautiful beach.

If you turn around to look inland from the beach, this “water feature” is your view.

We stopped by the Three Pines Studio and Gallery even though no one that we knew was taking a quilling class today.

After that, things took a bit of a sideways slide… We were happily taking an old road from Cross Village to Levering, when the Check Engine light started flashing. Uh… Okay… This freaked yer fav-o-rite blahgger out a lot. I mean, when you run outta gas in a small motorbote and you are not too far from shore and it is warm and calm, yada yada, somebody can ROW, roight? Can’t do that with an automotive vee-hickle. The auto manual was telling us to CALL SUBARU IMMEDIATELY! I was thinking stuff like “how long will it take us to get a tow truck out here and where can we get a rental vee-hickle”, etc., etc., etc.

The GG? Okay, Mr. Cool (aka the GG) hooked up his onboard diagnostics unit and determined that cylinder #5 was “misfiring”. This was not a fun thing but we have driven with fewer than the total number of cylinders before (think 2 out of 4, that was really “fun”). We had an interesting drive back up to the moomincabin but we did make it back without any problems.

One Response to “Misadventure in the northern lower”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Whew, you are fortunate to have a handy husband! I have gotten used to those lights going off in my Trailblazer which is why I need a new vehicle. 🙂