Michigan’s state bird (subtitle: where is the g-d blowgun?)

So, the Ninja’s A/C got fixed today. Supposedly. We’ll see whether it blows hot air at me when I get into it tomorrow afternoon after work. The issue? It was a faulty “relay”? Why couldn’t that have been checked out a few weeks ago? That’s the kind of thing it felt like to meeeee a few weeks ago but I guess I didn’t communicate the issue very well. I love the service at our Honda dealer but this was a miss. At least it was a cheap fix. Much cheaper than the dreaded “compressor”.

The blow-gun? Jeebus. The GG does a lot of good things every day. What drove me nuts today was that he did not check text messages (although I checked mine) and then, when I got home, he was out in the driveway working on the Lyme Lounge (STILL ignoring his text messages) and then he was ignoring MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Why? Because HE WAS WEARING HEADPHONES! Listening to some sort of tin foil hat radio or whatever.

Oh, I would NEVER shoot a blowgun at the GG or ANYONE! I was just kind of annoyed this afternoon. If you have been around for a while, you might know what a blowgun ACCIDENTALLY did to one of our doorwalls last winter. We eventually fixed it, thanks again to the Lord of Linden for helping us obtain glass.

But I am the “breadwinner” in this household at this point and when I get home from work, I need something besides a person who is wearing headphones and listening to I do not know what. And not listening to me. Don’t get me wrong. I greatly love the GG. Today was one of *those* days when we didn’t quite sync up at the end of the day. But we’ll be okay.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Patt also listened to some tin foil(talk) radio, but not with headphones. However, due to many years of construction noise, he often couldn’t hear me anyway. 🙂 I was also the breadwinner and insurance carrier, which he freely admitted. Some days can be tough and I’m not sure it’s realistic to always sync with another person, whether that’s a spouse, a child, a friend, etc. We just do the best we can. xoxo