I dunno, it was after noon when the GG asked me if I had been reading a book all day. I [snarkily] replied that I had been reading anti-Trump stuff all day. That wasn’t true although I did see some of his latest tweets, including the retweeted GIF of him knocking Hillary over with a golf ball, a poorly constructed GIF created by someone in his “base”. I don’t care what y’all think of Hillary. I think it is in poor taste for the blasted POTUS to retweet something like that. But I digress.

I did finish a book today, Salt Houses, recommended by one of the beach urchins. I enjoyed this book, a multi-generational saga involving a well-to-do, well-educated Palestinian family buffeted about the mid-East and eventually America (and back again) by various wars. There are people who try to tell me that the Islamic faith is inherently violent. I do not believe that. I believe that people of every faith (and *people* in general) run the gamut and that *anyone* of *any* faith (including those who share my own agnostic mainstream protestant-based beliefs) can be violent. The folks in this fictional family ran that gamut although no one ever became violent. In the end, they were a family, in so many ways a lot like my own family.

But that’s not all I did today. It was a peaceful domestic sort of day, well, except for the intermittent noise of the GG’s power tools a few feet away from me. I did laundry and minor cleaning chores and I walked to the Plum Market and I processed food. I put baggies of pesto from farmer’s market basil and chopped bell peppers from Farmer John’s lunchroom market at work in the freezer. I remember when I used to make pesto with *spinach*, adding dried basil flakes for flavor. Nowadays fresh basil is everywhere, even in the winter. Anyway, I did all of this in slow motion. I would finish one prodject (hey, autocorrect, quit correcting that!), wash the dishes and put them in my bamboo rack to let them air-dry and go and read. When the dishes from one prodject were dry, I would begin the next prodject (autocorrect? STOP!).

I did my reading in the back yard today. It is gorgeous here this weekend. This is not Indian Summer. This is summer. Indian Summer happens in October or even November when we have had some truly cold weather and then a spate of sun and heat. The pic shows a different view of our back yard than usual. It is so green now but in a few months it will be cold and gray and I will be driving to and from work in the dark and coping with whatever style of precipitation Old Man Winter decides to throw at us. La Nina? Not gonna be good.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We are getting sorely needed rain today, but I have gotten spoiled about running in the nice weather and not worrying about rain gear. I’ve been around many Muslims in Senegal, and they are the least violent people I’ve ever met. But there are certainly factions of Islam, as well as Christianity, that give the majority of peaceful adherents a bad name.