Point in the general direction and shoot (and then app 🐽)

This photooooo may not win any awards but I kinda like how it turned out. I parked Ninja over at Barry’s for Thursday Coffee with MMCB2 and they had sprinklers going and Mr. Golden Sun was shining like crazy in the background. A photo op? Yes! I hastily pulled my iPhone out of my purse and juggling those two items plus my car keys, I did a bit of a deep knee bend, pointed in the general direction of my subject and pressed the button a couple of times. And then I apped the photo, via Instagram in this case (cropped and used my fave go-to filter Clarendon).

Then it was an unexpectedly productive day at work followed by something like “the hurrier I go, the behinder I get”. Specifically, I am almost “out of food”. That is a good thing because I planned it that way and it is in quotes because there are condiments and milk boxes (for lunches) and newly frozen stuff like green beans, chopped peppers, and pesto. And a few other things. But there are not (I don’t think) science experiments and things hanging around and I pretty much know what is in my refrigerator/freezer, a challenge after a summer of schlepping back and forth up north and supplying the Lyme Lounge and whatever. The Pensioner has been MIA all week and I have been existing via Mother’s March on Leftovers, to use a phrase from My Dear Uncle Harry, who I sometimes emulate more than some of my “blood” elders.

So, I am about out of food today and I went to the Plum Market after work SPECIFICALLY to get something take-out plus I made a wee list of Other Stuff. Guess what? I got all of the Other Stuff (that was on the wee list) and FORGOT to get something take-out. It’s okay. I have a one-person container of frozen eggplant parm in the freezer and I can rustle something up to go with that. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to eat tonight but it’ll do and get about the last “hanger-on” outta the freezer. Lunch tomorrow? I’ll figger it out. I might even order from Building Mom’s Lunch Service. I usually don’t because restaurant food is often more than I want to eat and some vague stuff about spending too much money, yada yada yada. (Ducking in case The Commander is somehow reading the “yada yada yada” because she HATED that!)

I think I am on track with laundry, etc. I can hear the never-ending washing musheen going down in the dungeon. I am a wee bit concerned that I can smell a sewage-y smell in the Landfill but it seems to dissipate as I walk down to the dungeon. We’ll see…

Hope I am able to lift off The Planet Ann Arbor tomorrow afternoon without any trouble, like a beer truck turnover on US23 (which happened the Friday before Memorial Day weekend). Yesterday, a semi hit an I96 bridge and that has closed *that* freeway for the duration. I hope that doesn’t cause problems on US23 but I am not optimistic.

One Response to “Point in the general direction and shoot (and then app 🐽)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the photo! I too often throw out left overs because I can’t face heating them up. (or am tired of eating the same thing) Those are some crazy accidents! Hope it was a smooth exit for you!