I Love Computers

“Moom, you are the computer expert around here.” Roight. Yaknow, life just refuses to be boring for even five minutes.

<computer_rant>Lemme see. Right now I have 5.3 Gig worth of available hard drive space left on this electronical contraption. This morning, I had about 4.5 Gig. That just could not be. So I began the arduous task of deleting old files. I would’ve kept on going except that I ran into a file that refused to let me delete it. Actually it is not a file, it is a folder. There’s something in the folder that is wreaking all kinds of havoc and I can’t see what it is. All that folder *used* to contain was a few measly photoshop files. Yeah, I know photoshop doesn’t make “measly” files. Anyway, not only can I not delete the damn thing, if I even try to *select* it in the finder, the whole schlmiel locks up on me and the spinning ball gets going and I have to sit here and wait. And wait. And wait. No, the file folder is not locked, so don’t even ask. I have tried everything I can think of. I have *scoured* every piece of documentation I can find. Nothing works. I can’t even get at it with Unix.

Except. I’m not telling the whole truth. I was hoping for an easy answer but I think I know what needs to be done. I have a disk error. I need to fix it. That means I have to find the backup drive, figure out (again) how to back up my computer, and back up my computer. Then I have to find the system disk and re-a-start the computer, booting it up via the system disk (or whatever ya call it, I hafta find *that* too!) so I can run disk repair on the hard drive. And hopefully that will work. Because if it doesn’t, it’s evident that we are operating in a failure mode here and sooner or later, my hard drive will bite the dust and I’ll be stuck up that familiar old crick while I wait for Apple to fix my drive.</computer_rant>

On top of all that, the Internet got all wonky here this afternoon for a while, so I was w-a-i-t-i-n-g for that too. I can’t win. Sigh…

3 Responses to “I Love Computers

  1. Webmomster Says:

    sounds like a trip to The Apple Store is in order…

  2. Pooh Says:

    The Apple Store might be more useful than my suggestion…

    I was going to suggest the last resort tool, the BFH Adjuster. You don’t know what a BFH Adjuster is? Well, when I was at the Corps, one one of the male network administrators told me. It’s a Big F@$%ing Hammer, and you use it to apply percussive maintenance to the machine. If it doesn’t help the machine, it does help the frustrated user to think about doing it.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, I would think the BFH adjuster might be my best bet.

    Actually, I don’t *think* the darn fool contraption is in need of the Apple Store quite yet. Fingers crossed, knock on wood. Overall, it still works about like usual. I only found the disk error because I was trouble-shooting the f@%$ed up file. So, let’s see if I can fix it. Even if I can’t, I may be able to live for a good long time with a bad file that I can’t delete. I’ll just ignore it 🙂