A slow-moving tizzy

Not to confuse a tizzy with a hissy. A tizzy is something like, “I am receiving more pieces of information than I can process and I don’t know what to do next.” A hissy is when the uMich football team does something incredibly stooopid at the Rose Bowl football game and your uncle kind of explodes and his sister Radical Betty talks about it for years afterwards, i.e., “Remember when Don had that hissy?” I don’t actually remember the hissy even though I was there, since it happened at my parents’ house up in Sault Ste. Siberia and I was home for the holly-days. What I remember about that day was that it was snowing to beat the band and something about xc skiing with a few folks out at the Pine Bowl Pathways near Kincheloe. It’s okay. My uncle loved football and he loved uMich, where he earned his medical degree. (Miss all those people. We had so much fun!)

I had a prescient day-dream the other day, where I was trying to deal with the old Delia’s website. Delia’s was where we bought cute teenage clothing and bedroom accessories and things like that. At one point, I remember a semi-circle of circular image links on that site and I would click on one and it would hang f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Since I linked to Delia’s today, in case anyone checks out the link 1) this happened in the late 1990s, so www stood for Wild Wild West, and 2) we had a blasted DIAL-UP modem then, but 3) I loved Delia’s and most of the time their website worked. I was happy to find that Delia’s is still there today, now that I have, ahem, 30-somethings…

I lived that dream today when Lizard Breath and I were working together to purchase something from a site that probably didn’t exist back in the 1990s. I tried it from my phone first but there was no “checkout” button and every time I clicked on the “cart” I got an error and the page “reloaded” and I was right back where I started from. So… Well… I can try my work laptop. My work laptop is LOCKED DOWN but sometimes you can get to shopping stuff. So I managed to get there and it was still just about the wonkiest ECOMMERCE website I have encountered in a while. After MUCH confusion about shipping vs. billing addresses and losing my information a couple times, I FINALLY got to a page where I could pay and place my order. I was comforted by the fact that PayPal was one of the options. I know some folks might be skeptical but I have had good luck with PayPal. Not to mention that it is one way to pay for things that doesn’t send a notification to the GG that I have spent (my own🐽) money. Oh don’t worry, I am not a spendthrift and the GG knows it.

Lizard Breath and I were ultimately successful with our purchase and hopefully it is already on its way. As for the site I dealt with today, it seems to need to hire a few business systems analysts to help make the website usable. Don’t worry, you do not have to hire baggy old systems analysts like me 🐸 but your user interface needs work.

One Response to “A slow-moving tizzy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t do well with Pay Pal because I can never keep track of how to get into the blasted site. I think of hissy as being more angry and tizzy as being more discombobulated.