The Planet Ann Arbor version of Shameless?

Your call. Aside from that, thanks to my work buddy FZ for keeping my brain busy (and therefore sane) today with the most convoluted puzzle on earth involving SWIFT time zone calculations. You probably do not want to know. How can time zones be so complicated? You fly from EST to PST and you wake up ultra early every morning until you fly back to EST and then you have to draaaaaaaag yourself outta bed. But yes, they can be very complicated. Plus means subtract and minus means add. Who knew. I needed something to focus on though and creating diagrams to explain this took up almost the entire day. And then me and GoGrannyGo both got outta dodge a weeeee bit early. GGG [whispering]: I think it’s time to go. Meeeee [not exactly whispering]: yeah, I’m at a stopping point.

2 Responses to “The Planet Ann Arbor version of Shameless?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Griz and Babe. 😉

  2. Margaret Says:

    Very cute photo of both of you! I like beards 😉 and you look like you are full of, as my parents would say, “piss and vinegar.” My type of person.