Nothing like being chased by a lasagna all week 🐽

No, that is not a lasagna. That is my friend Gretchen. Doesn’t she look like a Gretchen?

The plan was to make the lasagna last weekend and put it in the freezer, then thaw it and serve it to BFF and The Guru tonight for dinner. I make lasagnas ahead ALL THE TIME! I make three lasagnas at a time for the North Country Trail folks and sometimes they don’t even get left behind in my freezer, like they did last February when we all met up at Tahq. Lasagna is a snap! I can make it in my sleep.

Last weekend? I dunno. I made the sauce. I bought the cheeses and the noodles and some spinach and what not. And then. It all kind of petered out. I double-bagged the sauce in a couple of big ziplocks and stuck it into the freezer and figured I’d get it out to thaw at some point and throw the darn thing together on Wednesday night after I got home from Cubelandia. Alas, when I got home last night, the sauce was still a big frozen ball. I couldn’t even get it out of the bag and into a saucepan to melt it without more guzzinta than I wanted to putinta it. Oh hell’s bells, I thought. I put it back into the refrigerator. I will figure this out tomorrow. And I did. I didn’t have anything *hot* to get done today so I took half the afternoon off, came home and put it all together WITHOUT STRESS, plus I turned two little baguettes into garlic bread and walked over to the Plum to get salad stuff, which we are low on and what lettuce we have is looking a little worse for the wear. I asked the GG if he wanted me to get eggs (we have ONE) but he said he would take care of procuring Breakfast Materials. Yay!!!

I am envying my bloggy Stargazer friend, who y’all know as Margaret, who had a cooking day. Potato salad, chili, and some sort of muffins or something. It all looked sooooooo goooooood. But then, she is retaaarrred. I am still hanging in at Cubelandia flinging esoterica about BAI and SWIFT file formats and other stuff back and forth over the wall with FZ. At least that’s what I was doing today. Every day brings a different rabbit hole.

Anyway, the ETA is around 4:30 and it’s 4:15 and I am being a little decadent with a glass o’ whine in the Landfill Backyard. Because it is a WEEKDAY AFTERNOON and I am HOME and it is going on LATE OCTOBER and it is WARM and GORGEOUS!

Love y’all, KW!

One Response to “Nothing like being chased by a lasagna all week 🐽”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I really would like that lasagna recipe. I want to try new things! I’m hoping Henry liked all the stuff. Pretty sure it was good, including the cornbread muffins. They were the only things for which I used a recipe. 🙂 However, Alison saw the pics on FB, admired the vegan chili, so I made her some today. (which I’m pretty sure is better than Henry’s!) C’est la vie!