Decadence at the end of [bonus] summer

npJane didn’t quiiiiite catch the Friday Night Oscar Tango train but via a series of facebook comments, we formulated a Decadent Sunday Lunch plan. And then, first one beach urchin and then another horned in on the fun. Here they are, npJane (my first cousin) and Mouse/Liz (my kids, therefore 1st cuzzints once-removed with npJane).

Hmmm… Where to go, where to go, where to go… For Decadent Lunch, I mean. There are about a billion places to meet for a casual lunch and beer/whine on The Planet Ann Arbor. In the end, we decided on HOMES (that stands for Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior – bonus points if you know what those names stand for), a new brewpub on our side of town with an Asian twist to the food. Kimchee fries? Yes yes yes yes! It also opens to the outside and so was a *perfect* place to hang out on this UNSEASONABLY WARM upper 70s bonus summer day, maybe the last. We love the Griz and the Jolly and whatnot but they are dark inside. We wanted to get one last shot of vitamin D before Old Man Winter kicks Mr. Golden Sun over to the curb for the duration.

npJane had a roof chore to attend to at Bugs and Horsey’s and Mouse was on her way to work. The rest of us retired to the Landfill, where Frankenstein created one of his monsters and then everyone but yer fav-o-rite blahgger crashed out for a bit. She watched a leopard cheetah facebook video and sorted out various bits of bungled online shopping. Note to self: when you ORDER SOMETHING, PAY ATTENTION TO WHETHER IT ARRIVES. And where it arrives, as in Olympia, WA is three whole time zones away from the Planet Ann Arbor.

Bonus Summer is supposed to end after today. I *think* I am actually ready for it. We didn’t have a very good summer but throughout September and October we’ve been on a pretty good roll. I don’t mind winter but it helps if we have just enough hot swampy weather for me to get a bit sick of it. Not this year.

G’night and HB to the October “cluster”, one of which is my daughter (tomorrow). I am not strong enough to say how old she will be.

One Response to “Decadence at the end of [bonus] summer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love Olympia, WA but it isn’t very close to you! (about 40 minutes away from me) I can’t imagine kimchi fries, although I do like kimchi, after visiting Korea. 🙂 Great photo of the fam.