Just go in the other room

What is it that makes people (some people, anyway) talk louder when they are on the dern phone? I guess I have been known to do it too although on the rare times someone actually calls me, I skedaddle out of Cubelandia. About the only person who ever *does* call me is FinGuy (NOT to be confused with anyone in the FinFam – FinGuy and I are not related and I don’t think either of us are Finns aka Finnish but that’d be a whole ‘nother blahg post 🐽). But he’s a schmoozer from waaaaay back. Howya doing? Let’s go out to eat! That place by your house [Knight’s] is good. And my fave: Yeah, I’ve sat at this (wobbly old) teak gate-leg table a gazillion times. Because I don’t feel like being quiiiiiiite as cryptic as sometimes, that would be The Commander’s old teak gate-leg table at the Dillon house .

Anyway, FinGuy will dooooo email but it isn’t his fave. Apparently his wife is like me and prefers text messages. But I answer his calls, partly because I genuinely *like* him and also because my phone recognizes all of the phone numbers he calls from so I know who’s calling. I decline calls from numbers I don’t know.

That got me thinking about where that wobbly old teak gate-leg table was these days. It is beautiful but it is a MONSTER! The Comm “inherited” it from her old friend Pauline, whose husband ran the bank my dad worked for until he retired (and my dad took over that job). I also own a beauteous teak table but it is much less complicated than the gate-leg table, not to mention lighter weight. But I couldn’t remember what we did with The Comm’s table. I didn’t *think* we donated it. We donated a lot of furniture but there were plenty of things that we felt like keeping around for a while. After The Comm’s death, we got some passive-aggressive pushback for keeping things in the moomincabin garage but to me, that seemed like a *perfect* place to keep The Comm’s stuff while we decided what to do with it.

Anyway, the answer to “Where is the teak gate-leg table?” turned out to be, “In the Landfill Dungeon – we’re using it.” We probably are and I probably couldn’t remember where it was because no doubt there are boxes of “stuff” on top of it. I don’t really want it in the long run but I’m not ready to dump it somewhere just yet. Who will want it? I dunno. And then there’s *my* teak table. Who will want it? I’m not going anywhere anytime soon but someday that’ll be a topic of conversation. So I will say right now, if no one wants my table (and that includes my children), give it to someone who wants and/or needs it. Or sell it!

Love y’all, KW!

One Response to “Just go in the other room”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I rarely answer the phone these days, and definitely only for known numbers. I also prefer texting although I asked Henry to call me last week because the texting would have been too complicated and beyond me. It was much easier to communicate on the phone, and he has a sexy phone voice. Who knew? 😉