leavesThat is the only title I have the energy for. My work is cyclical and sometimes it can be a little slow. Not lately. This week I was going hucklety-buck all week. When two of the eight or ten software applications I had been bouncing amongst all day crashed almost simultaneously in the late afternoon, I decided it was time to call it quits. I think I had probably edged just a bit over 40 hours this week anyway and I do not get paid for overtime. That is not a complaint and nobody is expecting me to work extra hours. So I came home and took a walk in the bitter cold partly sunny blustery weather. I miss my afternoon walk. This weekend? Tomorrow, I’m heading out early for gas and groceries and then taking Roberta out for lunch and/or groceries, whatever she wants to do. Laundry, vacuuming (yuck), slodging around in the dungeon. Prob’ly shoveling a heap of snow. Sunday over to kzoo for Mouse’s play and I am a terrible moom because even though I knew yesterday was Thursday and Thursday night was her opening night, I didn’t manage to connect those two facts in time to tell her to break a leg! Oh yeah, and in a few minutes, we’re walking over to Knight’s to eat and drink Manhattans with the Porters of The Planet Ann Arbor and Fin Family Moomintundra (or thereabouts). Just like us. Commencement stuff in the mail today. What commencement stuff? Ssshhh. I didn’t say that.

What’re y’all doing this weekend?

One Response to “TGIF.”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Nook & I went over to Kzoo for Mouse’s performance Friday night (as you were Knight’s-ing – sorry about the call, but didn’t know the protocol for the performance!!! And there were NO SIGNS up to assuage our confusion about where/what/how….).

    Anyway – Mouse “broke a leg” BEAUTIFULLY last night! She has fabulous comic timing and was so good at establishing her character & her character’s presence that she really got me to hating her character’s rigidity very quickly (I think we have a WINNER here! 8) ).