Fake (or not) news

Subtitle: Where the heck am I here in 2017?

I clicked over to an article with a headline something like, the [insert number here] news stories you see after a mass killing. Here are a few that I wish we could just dispense with every dern time I get news about one of these horrific incidents.

1) Breaking news: a shooter (or truck driver) and blood and at least one person has been killed. The death toll is almost ALWAYS more than the initial reported total.

2) The shooter may not be acting alone: The shooter (or truck driver) is almost always acting alone.

3) The community holds a candlelight vigil. Okay, they need to do that.

4) Everybody and his brother, mother, 3rd cousin, alien friend from Zephron III, ELECTED POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVE, provides thoughts and prayers about the the incident.

The article I read (Slate, if you want to google it) went on to talk about gun control issues. I have very mixed feelings about all of that, too complex to write about it tonight or maybe ever.

We’ll leave the gun (truck) control issues aside for now. I do not get the thoughts and prayers thing anymore. Many years ago, it seemed like a reasonable thing to say. But yada yada yada. Are we really all thinking about these people who have lost their lives? I do, in the sense that when I read about people losing their babies, I am able to imagine how I would feel if I had lost one of my own children in such a horrific situation. If that had happened to me, I am pretty sure that random people offering me their thoughts and prayers from afar would NOT help me move forward.

Oh, the pic is just a red light the GG put into our porch light for Halloween. It doesn’t mean anything except fun! Love you all.

One Response to “Fake (or not) news”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The thoughts and prayers don’t seem to be working to staunch the flow of blood and bullets.