Walking down to downtown Ann Arbor and back by bus

We haven’t been down to the griz for a few weeks now. We’ve been in and outta town a bit and there was a memorial for our sister Suz in the middle of all that. We miss our Susie greatly and will love her forever.

We walked downtown for lunch at the Griz today and took the “express” bus home, that’s the 31 and it’s the “express” because it is the most direct route to the Plum Market, aka our neighborhood. We got off the bus just after the Dexter/Maple intersection. The GG immediately realized he had left his glubs on the bus. The 31 goes out to a development near Dexter/Wagner and then turns around at that point. The GG stood at the bus stop for the 31 to return and by the time I was leaving the Plum Market with our groceries, the GG was banging on the window showing me that he had found his glubs on the 31 as it returned down to the Blake Transit Center. He bought snacks at the Plum and then returned home and crashed out and that is about it. Boring? Yes. Sometimes that’s a good thing.

One Response to “Walking down to downtown Ann Arbor and back by bus”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Boring can be very good. Most of my excitement hasn’t been of the positive variety.