Crucial conversations

These are the difficult conversations you sometimes have to have with co-workers or relatives or whatever. Books have been written about this stuff and there was once (loooooooong ago) training at my work for this. I wasn’t invited to participate for whatever reason. I didn’t really need it at my work at that time. I was thinking at the time that I needed it with with… Well… We won’t go there tonight.

Today, the GG asked, well, what do you want for xmas. Yeek. He asked me this a while back and I had no answer. I am particularly under the weather about xmas gifts this particular year. Last year I was able to ask for a few wee little items and he provided them. This year? I dunno. I do not need ANYTHING. I finally texted that, hey, let’s replace a couple of couches. We were finishing a mini-lunch at the Griz and I think the GG was in the bathroom when he got my text. But what the heck. He asked, roight?

So, looking for something else, I found today’s photooo. We built this log fort out of pulp logs that escaped log booms and ended up on our beach. We built all kinds of things with them including forts like this. Here’s Jay and Becky Springer in the background, me and Pooh in the front. Somehow we are actually sunbathing on top of that little fort. I cannot believe it could be very comfortable but I remember doing that kind of thing.

I *hated* that short haircut. Short hair did not fit with my personality.

2 Responses to “Crucial conversations”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We used to plan “gifts” of time, like going to the Nutcracker, a dinner theater, etc. Or gag gifts were always fun like the time we wrapped up a bunch of old door knobs that Ashley found in the garage. The couches are a good idea!

  2. Pooh Says:

    I love that the wind is blowing the ruffles up on the bathing suits. Also, it was a wide-beach year.