Sister Mary Ignatius Mouse *assesses* it all, while her baggy old moom yammers away in the cabin at Fin Family Moominbeach

mouseassessingYammering away with who? No doubt the usual Fin Family Moominbeach suspects. The Commander. Grandroobly. Radical Betty. I dunno who else was hanging around when this photo was taken. Honestly, even though most of my face is cut off, you can almost tell that I’m yammering away forcing my opinions on everyone in the room.

Sister Mary Ignatius Mouse was never one of those kids who had her eyes solely locked on her baggy old moom. Always looking around checking out what else was going on. In this pic, she was three months and I’m sure she was figuring out the older generation. I do think that in those days, she felt safest observing the world from a perch on her baggy old moom’s lap. Who *is* this Grandaddy person anyway?

Today, Mouse Sister Mary Ignatius *explained* it all. And shot somebody dead and knocked another person dead over the head with her gun, a brilliant stroke of improv when the gun didn’t do what was expected. “Oh, the janitor will help me clean up the bodies later,” said Mouse Sister. Bravo Mouse.

P.S. Despite an earlier Twitter, we did not call a tow truck today. “We” drove down what I thought was an iffy road (deep snow) for the Ninja’s “performance” tires, et al. I’m sure that “we” drove down that road because I was protesting nagging and since I wasn’t driving, testosterone took over. And we did get stuck but good. But yaknow, I am married to an engineer of sorts and despite my barrage of b*tchy verbal assaults and taunts, darned if he didn’t manage to rock the blasted Ninja outta there, “performance” tires and all.

4 Responses to “Sister Mary Ignatius Mouse *assesses* it all, while her baggy old moom yammers away in the cabin at Fin Family Moominbeach”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I wish we could have been there for Sister Mouse! It was a work weekend here – not house work, but work that we couldn’t get done this week in the office. I guess we should not complain that we have too much to do. Too many people are sitting around wishing they had a job to complain about. Anyhow, congratulations to Mouse on a terriffic performance. I know I wasn’t there to see the terriffic performance but, from one Mouse to another, well done. Maybe there is a recording of the play somewhere that I can watch later.

  2. grandmothertrucker Says:

    I bet somebody recorded it, right? If somebody gets a copy, let me know, I would love to see it too… I’m sorry I missed it. But, I have a job, not working. Ok, I am stuck in Kansas City since Friday, with no load, so I am working, but I’m not… get it? Ok, so I can play with my laptop, while I sit here stuck in not working….. I’m not in Kansas anymore Dorothy….. just waiting for a house to still land on me.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    They do not record the plays. It is actually not (usually) legal to record or photograph plays due to copyright agreements. I was good and didn’t try to sneak any [illegal] non-flash photos during the play. In my theatre guild days, I had to argue with parents about this all the time. It was tiring!

    They did do a photo shoot after the play and I’ve been promised I’ll get pictures from that.

  4. Margaret Says:

    That testosterone-fueled trip down the snowy road–sounds familiar. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut when my husband is driving. We’ve never gotten stuck, but he has had to “prove” himself by doing other interesting automotive derring do. Hope the UFP gets done. I have lots of those around here.