Back to the Bay

¡Buenas noches a todos! I am back safe in Berkeley, as of New Years Day, and happily back at work and now simply awaiting the arrival of my dear roommate, Jess.

I wanted to stop in on my Moom’s blog and say that it was wonderful to have a chance to see everyone that I saw while home. It’s always nice to see family, but of course, being away from home gives you a different sense of appreciation. I’m sure my cousins (like the Beautiful Renee) who have also moved away from Michigan will back me up on that one =)

¡Un prospero nuevo año!


2 Responses to “Back to the Bay”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Just turned you blue. Also, two packages on the way and more to come next week.

  2. renee Says:

    fully backed up you are. 🙂 i think there should be a Courtois migration westward. or at least a group joyride to wine country or the redwoods.