Unexpected anniversary

10 years at my loverly little job over at Cubelandia. I was aware that it was somewhere around 10 years but that was the last thing on my mind today when Amazon Woman and FZ and The Benevolent Despot and Rocks and Mr. Luv came around the corner SINGING (sorta) to hand me my 10-year paraphernalia, a letter of commendation and an Anniversary Artifact. OMG.

I am a woman and I am in a demographic category such that people don’t often ask me what I do for a living or how I ended up with my job. Mostly I guess they just figure I grokkery shop and wrangle vacuum cleaners and clean up after cats or grandchildren or whatever. Grokkeries and vacuum cleaners? ALL THE TIME! Cats? Occasionally but not recently. Grandchildren? I do get to borrow sweet C*Q*L from my cousin sometimes 💜

So, when someone actually asks me what I doooooo for a living they often sit back a bit when I say I am a systems analyst in the online banking biz. Whaaaaaat? Yooouuuu? Then, when they [inevitably] ask me *how* I ended up with that job, I LOOOOOOVVVVE to say, “Totally accidentally!” and watch their reactions.

I actually started my job a few months earlier than my official anniversary date but I started it as a student intern and it was December when The Benevolent Despot asked me to join back up with Corporate America as a full-time salaried employee. My brain reeled for 24 hours or so but you know I had to say “yes”.

I had an interesting start to this job in that my official full-time start date was just before the xmas holidays and I had NOTHING TO DO! In fact, when I returned to work as a full-time employee, I walked in and my computer was GONE! The then Uber Boss had told me not to worry about working until the new year but I am possessed with a Work Ethic that regularly knocks me upside the head if I am not doing something to earn my pay so getting paid for shopping at Chico’s with Lizard Breath was a pretty extreme cognitive dissonance. I guess we were buying biz-caz work clothes for me so maybe that counts.

Fast forward. The work ebbs and flows and it remains slow throughout the holidays but I can *always* find something to do. As I was doing today when The Benevolent Despot boomed out, “Go Home!” to me at like 4:15 or so. I was planning on leaving early anyway because we were meeting some old friends over at Knight’s for dinner on the early side. It was one o’ them thar days at work where people were goofing off in general and TBD [Jewish] kept “surprising” people with some kind of thingy that played “Jingle Bell Rock”.

Lemme see… I still wear what passes for biz-caz to work but we relaxed our standards to Every Day Jeans a couple years ago.

When I went to add my Anniversary Artifact to my Knickknack Shelf today, I decided I needed to do some serious dusting. I don’t have much on my KnickKnack Shelf and most of the other few knickknacks on my shelf are thingies that Broooooosie stored with me for safe-keeping a couple years ago. Brooooosie is no longer around Cubelandia but I still keep his knickknacks for old times sake.

One Response to “Unexpected anniversary”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Congrats on the work anniversary! I made it to 37 before retiring. And I’m starting to be glad I did since I’m so much more flexible now. I miss a lot about the job, but not the schedule!