Another one rides the bus

Okay, thought I posted this yesterday but apparently didn’t hit the publish button.

The GG was sitting behind me and we were a couple stops away from Our Plum Market Stop when I realized it was a weeeeee bit tooooo quiet back there. I figured the GG was just hanging out doing stuff on his phone but when I turned around, he was ASLEEP! Um, you need to wake up so we can get off the bus!

We made it off the bus successfully without even leaving any glubs or whatever on it (although I think the GG dropped one glub or another something like three times between the bus and the market). About his only comment on the whole thing was that he liked this bus driver because he was such a smooth operator. Yeah, enough to lull his passengers to sleep. Good thing this passenger had his wife along for the ride.

Other than that, “ho-hum” pretty much sums up today as I continue to slodge my way a bit more lethargically than usual through this icy winter. I did NOT go to the farmers market this morning. We usually do take a bit of a break in January. It’s the only month that you can’t reliably find lettuce at the market and, although the market posted pics of various greens later on today, I had already procured some from the Plum via The Pensioner. Plum lettuce is perfectly serviceable but I do miss washing the earth out of my usual locally grown lettuce.

Downtown today? The usual, thank you very much. Janel was running the bar today and Chris was there but he was into the basketball game so we didn’t really interact with him and the soup was stuffed pepper. The GG is antsy about branching out to different lunch spots and I am okay with that to a point but I love hanging out at the Griz with Janel on Saturdays. Of course we also went through a recent “phase” of “maybe we should do something other than the Oscar Tango on Fridays” and then the other day he was like, “we need to go to the Oscar Tango this Friday”.

And then… There was the ODD conversation about how we go out to eat “all the time”. Uh, whut? We go out to eat Friday night and Saturday lunch (and sometimes Sunday, especially if it’s dreary out). I cook at home on weekend nights and every weeknight except Friday. I like to cook. I take leftovers to work for lunch EVERY DAY. Out to eat? All the time? Whaaaaaaa? Well, we did eat out every day the five days preceding xmas. It was wonderful to do that and I was glad my refrigerator was pretty much empty at the end of it except for xmas eve/day food. I was also totally exhausted by all of the [wonderful!] socializing. Introvert? Recharge? Yes!

One Response to “Another one rides the bus”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Perception is interesting, isn’t it? I love eating out, but also just hanging out at my own house and grazing on whatever is around. 🙂