Are y’all as tired o’ wearin’ yer balaclava as I am?

crowsnestAlas and alack, ababsurdo did *not* make Time Magazine’s 25 top blahgs. Sigh. I think I’ll crawl back under my rock and die. Or not. Because, do I really care? Naaaawww.

Guess what? I don’t read any of the blahgs on that list. Why? Well… One reason is that when I go to something like Huffpo, the site is so blasted “busy” that I can’t find the blahg! Like today. First I have to scroll down below some absolutely trenormous photo and then, when I finally get to the actual content, it is a chaotic mess of adds, photos, and bits of copy linking to other pages. It’d be a blast to try to code that sucker but it’s too much for the below-average user. Like me. And maybe there is a blahg on there somewhere but I don’t think the site itself qualifies as a blahg. So.

And then there is the issue of content itself. Political blahgs? I am just not that interested. I am not a political aminal and I get lost beyond the most basic of ideas over in that realm. Can’t we just all try to get along together. Oh, I know… Hmm. Mommy blahgs? I am slowly and systematically dumping those off my blogroll. It isn’t because of the poop. When you have babies, you talk about poop. It’s okay, it’s part of it all. I talked about it incessantly for a few years. Fortunately for the beach urchins, the Internet wasn’t a viable means of communication for us huddled masses back then. When your babies grow up, you move on. There are some wonderful mommy blahgs out there and I’ll keep reading the best of them. I rarely comment. When I was a young mom, I hated unsolicited advice. We all have to make our own way through the child-raising years. Find our own successes and make our own mistakes.

So, who else do I read? Well. Unfailingly, I read everybody I know in real life who has a blahg. Friends and relatives plus a couple of cool women out there in the Pacific NW that I’ve met online and share some similarities with. I comment if I have anything to say besides “*hugs*” or whatver. When I write some long screed about how ooaaawwwful my life is on ababsurdo, I am usually over it all by the time anybody reads it.

Now I am starting to branch out into quilt blahgs. Those may not interest a lot of you but in the short time I’ve been reading, they are inspirational if you’re trying to finish a UFP. And no, I’m not gonna start talking about quilting here every day. Given my track record, the UFP will get abandoned just like all the other UFPs down there in the great, grey-green, greasy, Limpopo Dungeon. But I’m’a gonna try. And y’all prob’ly won’t get much of either politics or poop either. Er, aren’t those things the same?

G’night and y’all keep blahgging, even if you don’t think you have anything to say,

5 Responses to “Are y’all as tired o’ wearin’ yer balaclava as I am?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I barely even know what a balaclava is since I’m in the Pacific NW; we are freezing when it nears 40. (wimps that we are!) I read a wide variety of blogs and probably (undoubtedly) overcomment. I guess that comes from being a teacher for 29 years; one becomes quite verbose.

  2. jane Says:

    re: poop conversations. I clearly remember a summer when KW, UKW and Pooh all had kids of potty training age (that would be Liz, Robin and Dan). MORE THAN ONCE I had to ask them to please change the subject to something else while we all hung out on the beach. hey – it’s a beach day – I don’t care about diapers and such!!

    (see Mouse – it takes years of training and hard times to become an accomplished beach bum.)

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Those beach days were *exactly* what I was thinking about! LOL!

  4. isa Says:

    oh man the pictures from that summer are great, if they’re the ones of us all sitting on the inflatable alligator…

  5. grandmothertrucker Says:

    The last time I was home, I went through my quilting stuff. I found the material me and Jenny bought when she found out she was pregnant. I drank a pot of coffee and stayed up all night, and made a quilt for Christina. ( it’s about time, she’s a year old already. ) I will try to take a pic tomorrow to send to you.

    Anyway, I have a spot cleared and my machine set up. So, after I clean up my room on Friday, I get to start in on some ” Optical Illusion Quilts ” Cubes, convex and concave.