Gettin’ the heck outta Dodge offa the Planet Ann Arbor

It is with Some Trepidation that I anticipate Winter Wonderland adventures in the Great White North. I can’t say that multiple hours of snow driving on the I75 SUV Speedway is my Least Favorite Thing On Earth but it is pretty high up there in the ranking. But north we went this afternoon. We squeaked our way up into the stratosphere missing a nasty-sounding winter storm by the skin of our teeth. Does this storm have a name? What happened to the naming of winter storms? Do we still name them?

Anyway, our winter storm (on the Planet that is, not sure what it’s gonna do here at Hoton Lake) is scheduled to begin at 3 AM tomorrow morning and dump a WHOPPING 5 inches of snow on our beautiful garden planet throughout the day. Uh, yeah, I said 5 inches. That’s not really a whole lot of snow for any place in The Great Lake State, still it is enough to wreak absolute havoc with the kind of traffic we have on the planet. Oil tanker flipped over in the median anyone?

I took off early today so we could do the whole trip in daylight. Twitter play:

Amazon Woman: You guys aren’t driving up there tomorrow, are you?
Kayakwoman: No, we’re going to HL tonight
Amazon Woman: GOOD!

Have I ever mentioned that AW is the Best Boss Ever? Fun fact: AW’s family often rented a cabin at Hoton Lake when she was a kid. It was across the road from Funland (which is still there) and she has fond memories of HL. (And no, she doesn’t read this.)

Anyway, we hit some kind of fugly snow in the Flint area but fortunately I could see via the weather radar that it was just a blob and cleared up shortly north of Flint. What did we do before smart phones with weather radar apps? We did indeed drive out of it and then, man oh man, Mr. Golden Sun commenced to shine down upon us in spades. So here is a pic of him doing just that. I took it out the GG’s driver side window. Not the greatest photo, especially with all the dirt on the window but LOOK AT THAT SUN!

By the time I got to Phoenix we got to Hoton Lake, Mr. Golden Sun was setting. There is not a whole lot of snow here for February but Hoton Lake is not in a snow belt so I dunno. I was able to walk out to the front yard (thanks Jim/Becky for shoveling a path) in my Keen sandals (and Smartwool socks) to get this pic. Also not the best pic but I looooove that funky lens flare!

Finally, here is a poor attempt at a Mouse-style photoooo. I can’t describe Mouse’s photos exactly but she is a gifted photographer with an exceptional eye for, well, I dunno, textures, for lack of a better word. Without further ado, mini-snow drifts at sunset.

We are heading out to the Northshore Barroom (and Tiki Lounge in the summer) for dinner in a bit. If I get any pics of snow-mos in the parking lot, I will post them. Or not. We’ll likely see a lot more snow-mos this weekend.

One Response to “Gettin’ the heck outta Dodge offa the Planet Ann Arbor”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think your photos are fabulous! I am very impressed. I’m glad that you missed most of the snow stress. Enjoy your time up in the GWN!!