Man Texting, etc.

We were totally out of food this morning. Well, that’s not exactly true. There is *still* some leftover veggie lasagne but we’ve had that twice this week and I threw the rest of it in the freezer for a “rainy day” sometime in the future. There are also two hanger steaks but they are frozen and I couldn’t quiiiiite process thawing them just enough to separate them and then putting one back into the freezer. Besides, hanger steaks are more of a weekend thing, not a Thursday night thing. Back in the day, Breakfast for Dinner was a frequent Thursday night thing but I have fallen out of that habit. It’s complicated (and not at all interesting) and you don’t wanna know.

In “desperation”, I texted The King of Cryptic Text Messages this morning from work. “What do you want to eat tonight? We have ‘no’ food. I don’t really want to go out to eat.” To my great surprise, he replied immediately with, “How about BBQ takeout?” For some reason, that sounded like a *perfect* plan. I checked out the restaurant’s menu and texted back, “UPick the BBQ, but get mac’n’cheese and collard greens for sides.” RADIO SILENCE! I was SLAMMED at work today and didn’t realize until AFTER I GOT HOME that he had not SEEN my last message! (It’s okay, he didn’t leave to pick up the food until he – finally – saw the message.)

A mystery solved! Luke of Perrynet came to the door asking if he could put stuff in my garbage / recycling carts. Yes, yes, yes, yes! Anytime! And, BTW, was it *you* who blew our sidewalk when 10+ inches of snow fell last weekend while we were gone? Yes? THANK YOU! Interestingly enough, the woman two doors down received a warning from the city this morning about snow removal. Luke blew her sidewalk too. I did not receive a notice. I dunno what the difference was since Luke walked up and down both sides of our block blowing snow out of everyone’s sidewalk.

I explained to Luke that the city does not actually come around and patrol whether or not people have shoveled their sidewalks (a lot of people don’t know how this works). What happens is that PEOPLE REPORT OTHER PEOPLE for not shoveling / de-icing and the city writes up a warning. I have occasionally wanted to report people on my walking route who have icy sidewalks for days and days on end. I would never report a close neighbor, especially not after a major snow event. Sorry but it takes a while to recover from 10 inches of snow and we are now into a freeze/thaw phase, which makes a complete mess of everything.

It was a froggy day here today. All day. I took “back roads” home. That just means I didn’t take the I94 18-wheel Clogway. The BBQ food was wonderful!

Love y’all,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s weird how some things sound better than others at different times. I rarely get pizza(one person!) so I often get a pizza craving. That was very nice of Luke to do that; you have nice neighbors! If we had that situation here, I am pretty sure who would or wouldn’t do that for me. I have a couple of very protective male neighbors who would help me out. A couple others would be the ones calling to complain. 🙂