N 46 26 6.4 W 84 30 24.5 1/6/2007

Whar be th’ snow ‘n’ ice?

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7 Responses to “N 46 26 6.4 W 84 30 24.5 1/6/2007”

  1. Webmomster Says:


    This whole winter – if one could call it that – has been SO unreal. Gitchee Gumee without ICE or HUMMOCKS or anything – and SO FAR OUT?!?!?


  2. Jay and Rey Says:

    Its in Denver (and coming again to Seattle next week)

  3. Webmomster Says:

    Saw a CNN “breaking news” squib stating there was a gawdawful avalanche that submerged a number of vehicles and pushed others “over the edge” from some highway 40…


  4. Valdemort Says:

    The lakes are still unusually warm, which is kind also why we haven’t had snow. The Alberta Clippers we’re so used to are kinda weak, too. Has something to do with El Nino, NOT global warming. (Sorry, people are blaming global warming left and right and it’s turning into some sort of curse word.)

  5. kayak woman Says:

    I have to agree with Val that El Nino seems a more plausible explanation for the warm temperatures and lack of snow than global warming. I am a sort of skeptic about the concept of global warming in general. I’m just not sure “we” have a complete understanding of the complex model that constitutes weather and climate. That said, if the threat of global warming will have an effect on moving our country (and the world) more toward sustainable living practices, I am all for it!

  6. Valdemort Says:

    Interestingly enough, we were just discussing the ENSO (El Nino-Southern Oscillation) phenomenon in my Weather Analysis and Forecasting class today, and Professor Winkler was telling us that though some of our unusual weather this winter can be attributed to the ENSO (currently peaking and will continue to peak through February), there are some patterns that do not in any way fit in with ENSO models or past ENSO patterns, leaving climatologists, in a word, bamboozled.

    ENSO patterns usually warm western and central Canada, and kinda kill off the Alberta Clippers. However, we’re still getting them, however weak. Also, the frequent and recurring snowstorms in Colorado these past few weeks don’t fit the pattern. That area is generally a bit warmer and drier.

    So there’s something else up, but no one’s quite sure what it is. [Abrupt] Climate change? Possibly. Global warming? Almost certainly not.

  7. Valdemort Says:

    Crap. I used “however” twice in the same sentence. It would help if I proofread BEFORE hitting “Submit Comment!”

    : P

    : )