Link Rot

So, The King of Cryptic Text Messages has me in a quandary once again. He is having dinner in GL tonight. Is it GayLord (queer nobleman) or GrayLing (old chinaman)? As we who were driving north through snowstorms from college back in the day used to call Gaylord and Grayling. Oh my, how “clever” we were. And politically incorrect. He is picking up the Lyme Lounge from its winter home in the Uncly Uncle’s garage. When is it coming home? I don’t really care. Actually I HOPE it isn’t tomorrow. But I would like to knooooow, so I can make sure my Ninja is not in the driveway when it does get here.

I went out to ababsurdo aka “watching paint dry” tonight and I kinda wanted to look back through my archives for a picture of [ho-hum] April snow because that is exactly what we are having today. Oh, it’s okay, the roads down here are fine but people keep kvetching about snow in April. I don’t like it either… Except… It almost ALWAYS snows at least once in April. And sometimes in May. Suck it up buttercup. This is the Great Lake State and Old Man Winter *rules* the weather in this state.

My archive links are not showing up. I’m not sure why although I have a clue in that when I went out to write a blahg entry it seems that a wordpress upgrade got interrupted. I am not going to deal with this in any way tonight. Eventually it’ll get fixed.

But then I got to looking at the stuff I am linking to on the right sidebar and… I have not clicked most of those links in a brazillion years. So I am in the process of cleaning them up. I [reluctantly] got rid of the G4 family members’ blahgs. Petrified Lava, Pneumatic Toaster, and Frizzlefry were some of the more interesting blahg names but all of them have been inactive for umpteen brazillion years, therefore I am going to remove a lot of those links. (I know those folks don’t care.) I am slowly going through the other links. I’m deleting all the weather links. We do all o’ that stuff on our smart phones now.

Anyway, goodnight.

2 Responses to “Link Rot”

  1. isa Says:

    Spring cleaning!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I should do the same with my blogroll. I never use it anymore because so many are inactive, and a feed is much easier.