What’s for dinner?

Gaaah! What to plan? I am omnivorous but it seems like lately I just throw a hunk of protein (i.e., meat) into the oven or onto the stove or the grill or whatever and with a side of something white and salad and/or something green (asparagus is my current fave even though it is not quiiiite in season here), and call it good. It’s good. It’s fine to eat. It probably supplies all of the nutrients we need and then some.

But I am kinda bored. I want to get some of my youthful before-kids cooking mojo back. Not sure how to get there. I need recipes/plans that aren’t picky enough that I need to spend a lot of time reading them before cooking. And I do NOT want to come home after work and do a whole bunch of chopping, etc. I do *not* mind doing stuff like that on the weekend… I have a *lot* of cookbooks and the internet offers limitless possibilities. I am overwhelmed.

I will buy lettuce and micro-greens and radishes and stuff at the farmers market tomorrow. And meat and fish from Kerrytown and various stuff from the Plum Market. I will figure out what to buy but, if you are a Chief Cook and Bottle Washer who also works outside the home, what do you like to cook?

P.S. The Pensioner is a pretty darn good cook. In fact, he has taken over things like breakfast (on the few days we cook a breakfast) and he is a great grill master. But I like to hang out in my own chitchen at the end of the day and I like to cook and/or engineer dinner.

One Response to “What’s for dinner?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Henry is a great cook, and I just let him do it. Maybe take turns doing dinner? You can sit, have a glass of whine, and observe. 🙂