If there was ever a good day to sit at a bar and read, it was today

I made it as far as the recycle cart this morning before deciding to bag my walk. The recycle cart is literally a couple of steps from the Landfill front door but it sounded like needles were falling out of the sky and everything was coated with a decent layer of ice. No thanks. Not putting Yaks on in mid-April, no siree.

We huuuuunnnnng around aaaaal morning. I slowly put a lasagne together, in parts and pieces, cleaning dishes and letting them air-dry as I went. Sauce, ricotta filling, sausage, and eventually assembled it around 5:00 PM.

We ventured out for a River Ride and lunch once the temperatures had warmed up enough that we knew the roads would be, well, not dry, but at least not icy. We ended up at The Session Room, where we managed to find bar seats (our preference when it’s just the two of us), despite an alarmingly huge number of vee-hickles in the parking lot. So we had a snacky lunch and an adult beverage and read books on our electronic devices. Finished with lunch, we exited into a deluge and we have a lake (or two or three) in our backyard.

It’s okay. This is the Great Lake State and you never know what the heck you are gonna get from Mother Nature next. And we are getting off easy down here in the Deep South (this time). It’s a lot worse for anyone north of about I96 or thereabouts and various family members are stranded on the west side of the state.

Cracks me up remembering hearing Canadian radio PSAs telling people something like “Don’t go snowmobiling/skiing/whatever. Go to a bar!” That being when the temperatures were waaaay below zero (Fahrenheit), like 25 degrees below. Same but different. I remember this from a time that the GG and I were scheduled to xc-ski in Canada with Radical Betty and Duck and it was 25 degrees below zero and we drove over to Canada in their Toyota(?), FREEZING the whole way and Radical Betty was STILL hot to ski but somehow we (us and Duck) talked her down off the ledge – with great difficulty. We went to Tim Horton’s instead.

One Response to “If there was ever a good day to sit at a bar and read, it was today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A bar, an adult drink and a book sound perfect to me! We’re having our usual rainy spring, but no ice at least.