And all I had to talk about yesterday was the weather…

I will not write anything too specific about this on the Internet but it was a black day as Corporate America once again wielded a knife upon our little backwater braintrust office. We lost our fearless leader today, a person who took a chance on hiring me 10 years ago and has been a beloved mentor ever since. Even though I am older than this person, it feels like I am losing my father. The show must go on but it will be way too quiet over there from now on and somebody has *got* to download the Game of Thrones theme as their ringtone. That is all and I have already said more than is prudent to post, even on an obscure little paint-drying type blahg with nine readers or whatever.


2 Responses to “And all I had to talk about yesterday was the weather…”

  1. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    Ugh. Corporate America is a cruel place (certainly from my experience). And I’ll have you know that I’ve had Game of Thrones as my ringtone for over four years! I’m serious as a heart attack.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Oh, no! Is the LSCHP? I hope I got the letters right! There is no kindness whatsoever in corporate America. Tonya worked in that world, as you do, while I feel like I was sheltered in the realm of education.