Party in the morning, party in the evening, party at suppertime

I started my day at Cafe Zola for breakfast with one of my beach urchins on her birthday. I have about a billion pictures of breakfast at Zola with my April 24 beach urchin. I did not take a pic today. In truth, although it was a wonderful birthday celebration, the GG was with us today. It is his right to be with his daughter on her birthday but I had a bit of a difficult time dealing with some of his topics of conversation. I am focused on work stuff and was pretty much limited to conversations about “I love you”, “happy birthday”, and laundry musheen detergent. I did not get a mimosa. It was 8:00 AM fer kee-reist.

After the clogged pipe incident on Sunday, our washing musheen stopped working. This was unrelated to the clogged pipe incident but we were wondering for a while if we would have to buy a new washing musheen. The GG dove in on Monday and dredged out a Mackinac Bridge token and a dime and a fabric thingy that we eventually figgered out and I dunno what other kind of crap.

Party in the evening was a work party for all of us folks who knew and/or worked for the LSCHP. It was wonderful. The LSCHP mingled like he always did at work and the rest of us, even the shyest of us talked up a storm and connected with people we didn’t know very well. The LSCHP touched a lot of folks, whether they worked for him or not, and so many folks came to this event.

One Response to “Party in the morning, party in the evening, party at suppertime”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A poignant goodbye to the Cat Herder! The birthday breakfast sounds interesting. 😉