I need a cleaning lady. And a secretary. And a toxic waste clean-up crew.

shadowsI am taaaarrrrred. Yaknow, we are prob’ly outta town two out of five weekends. That’s an unscientific guesstimate but we are out of town a lot. And I’m not even counting the weekends that we make day trips over to kzoo to watch plays and things. Heck, kzoo is only 100 miles away and we don’t leave the southern Great Lake State to get there. So we haven’t left home. Roight?

The problem is that every time we go out of town for the weekend, it seems like it takes me most of the next week to sort of get back into the swing of things. I mean, I can get into the swing of my work. But I usually have no recognizable food in the house and no grokkery list and so I end up making gazillions of trips to various grokkery stores to get various dribs and drabs of whatever I don’t have in the house. And we won’t even talk about the clutter and dust and vacuuming, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

And this week, I have to fit the post office and the blasted *bank* into my commute. I mean, I have to mail the g-d jury duty questionnaire that came on Saturday, which means I might as well take the back roads to work because the post office takes me four or five stoplights away from the freeway entrance and I do *not* want to go back through that gauntlet. So it’ll take me twice as long to get to work. And then I have to dredge some crap out of my safe deposit box at what used to be my bank and I don’t have any idea when I’m gonna do that because I get to work before the bank opens and leave after it closes!!! And yes, I *can* leave work to go and do that. But my blasted bank (or what used to be my bank) is within walking distance of my house and leaving work to go to the bank means driving almost all the way home and back again in the middle of the day. Which is a total waste of time and petroleum. Grrrr-umph.

Enough! Life is not as bad as I’m making it sound, knock on wood big-time! Have a good evening! Love, KW.

5 Responses to “I need a cleaning lady. And a secretary. And a toxic waste clean-up crew.”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    I’m with you on all that! Guess I’m lucky in that Grand Blanc is TINY compared to A2 – only about 5 sq miles for the city. And I work about 2 miles from home (for once! better than the 40 – 50 – 60 that I HAD going for a while…Pontiac, Troy, Warren, respectively). Trying to do ANYTHING before or after work was impossible, because – like you – I’d be out of town BEFORE anything opened and back in town AFTER everything had been long closed. Very frustrating. Worse, if you are paid on an hourly basis and have to take half a day to handle a brief appointment (allowing extra time for travel, in case traffic is snarled or weather goes phooey). Even now, 8-12 & 1-5 means my work hours match most businesses’ operating hours as well. And those that operate during the 12-1 hour are overflowing with everyone else who has that 12-1 lunch hour. 🙄 (too bad there’s not an emoticon for the ATOMIC eyeroll!)

    However, I’m dreading the day that *I* get another jury duty summons. That means going into *gulp* Downtown Flint (not that bad, since there’s almost NOTHING THERE ANY LONGER).

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    …how WOULD one design an emoticon for the ATOMIC eyeroll? Eyes roll, followed by the entire smiley erupting into a mushroom cloud? Hm, we’ll have to think about that one.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I am pretty into my routine and my route, so anything that disrupts it is A PAIN IN THE A**. Thus, I can relate. I am not on top of my laundry right now and need to be, since YD is coming home this weekend (loaded with dirty laundry, I’m sure) to see the HS play. She was in it last year and it’s the only thing that would bring her back. *sniff* Good luck on the errands and the house organizing!

  4. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Don’t worry about the house cleaning. If you clean your house too much you will get sick. You need germs around you. You have been cleaning a lot for the last couple of years (at least you write about it a lot) and after many, many sick free years, all of the sudden you get sick. Two years in a row. STOP CLEANING. Keep yourself well.
    How does that sound for an excuse? (Besides, GG loves housework and he has Friday off, doesn’t he?)

  5. Tonya Says:

    I remember when I’d come home (from a hard day’s work) and blast around cleaning and puttering and catching up, go away for the weekends, and be all revved up for yet another week of work/puttering/catching-up. Where did that energy go? Huh.