I had to SLAM on the brakes but all is well

Actually, I didn’t have to slam on the brakes this morning. Geese and goslings were drifting onto the squiggly (but not icy today thank you Zeus) little road that leads into Cubelandia. In fact I *probably* could have crept around them on the left. But I didn’t. I stopped so that whoever was driving the vee-hickle behind me would also stop. Because I had no clue who was in that car and whether they would see the geese or not.

I mean. Last week I was driving to work and I was southbound on N. Maple, which is a four-lane speedway. Oh wait! There was a big semi STOPPED in the right lane ahead of me. It seemed to be related to some kind of major construction going on in Maple Village. They’ve demolished the English Gardens store and I’m not sure what is going in there but it looked like this truck was gonna be there for a while. I signaled and got into the left lane and then I huuuunnnng out going s-l-o-w-l-y to give the Soccer Mom in the minivan who had been ahead of me a chance to pull out from behind the stopped truck into the left lane ahead of me. The minivan did not budge. I drove warily on past the semi and minivan and as I passed, I could see that it was indeed a Soccer Mom fully engaged with her phone!

This afternoon I was leaving on the squiggly (not icy) little road out of Cubelandia when I noticed that a jeep ahead of me was making a strange u-turn maneuver. THEN! I looked DIRECTLY in front of the Ninja and there was a TURTLE crossing the road. SLAM!!! There was a car behind me and fortunately it stopped too. I knew that I had stopped in time but I was close enough that I couldn’t see where the turtle was, so I put my flashers on and sat for a minute thinking what to do next. And then the jeep stopped right on the other side of the road from me and a young man jumped out and removed the turtle to safety. THANK YOU!

People… I like to play with my phone too but driving is much more fun than playing with your phone. Especially if you are driving stick! 🐸

Amphibious photooo by Mouse (with permission) on her recent camping trip to the Rifle River. And I think I fergot to credit the HOMES Brewery photo a few days ago to Lizard Breath (also with permission).

One Response to “I had to SLAM on the brakes but all is well”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No one driving should be playing with his/her phone, in my opinion. It’s a big fine here, although people still do it.
    I can barely text and walk, so I most certainly wouldn’t use my phone in the car. 🙂 Yay for the turtle rescuer!