Small world

After another difficult work week, those of us who have survived closed ranks yet again today. We didn’t physically hug but we talked about our lives and possible futures more candidly than is usual. I remember when I first decided to take this job and I somehow can’t believe I’ve had an 11 year run at it.

I had a premonition that FZ would bring bagels to work today and it turned out I was correct. We needed those. There were more bagels than people in the office today. We have multiple people on vacation or telecommuting. It was okay. We shared FZ’s bagels with others in the building.

Of all things, it turns out that one our friends of porterization knows (from way back) my work friend FZ. I have been hanging out with FZ going on *eleven* years now. For many of those years, I have lived on the other side of the wall from FZ. I mean, every time I need something from FZ, I can just yell at him across the wall. He is one of my best resources 🧡 at work. I can’t wait to get him into the way-back musheen on Monday.

This photo was from sunrise in the neighborhood early this morning. Such a beautiful morning but then it all turned to rain and I don’t think the temperature ever got out of the low 40s today. It’s okay. This is not all that bad for May in the Great Lake State.

One Response to “Small world”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We’re getting a run of 70+ for the next week with no rain in the forecast. It will come back though, I’m sure! Sorry about work. I’m glad that I’m retired because they had to involuntarily transfer 6 teachers from my high school due to a decline in enrollment. Those times are always heart wrenching.