Week fly-by that is although we’ve had a helicopter fly-by and a private jet fly-over and I’m probably ignoring everything that comes outta Metro because it’s pretty high in the sky by the time it gets here. How the heck did it get to be Thursday night already?

What did I do today? I re-coded web pages. Almost all day. Except for a few excursions into tangled up css and javascript, I could’ve listened to an audio book while I was doing what I was doing. A *lot* of copy/paste/tweak was involved.

The GG planted some mini-gardens today. There’s ‘hicken and peacock guarding some cabbages planted next to my Every Day Is Mother’s Day impatiens. Out of the frame are tomatoes and more tomatoes in the front plus some tomatillos. We do not know how any of these gardening efforts will turn out. Our whole city is a garden, so we have a lot of shade in our yard. We are very reluctant to cut down trees even when they are about to fall on our house and we have had two trees fall… So I am looking forward to making green salsa with tomatillas but we’ll just have to wait and see 🐽.

And with that, I think I am done. Love y’all, KW.

P.S. The GG also eradicated a bunch of poison ivy😍😍😍.

One Response to “Fly-by”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful! I hope it all thrives!!