Goin’ with the familial flow

That’s what I did this morning. Just hung around letting the conversation ebb and flow around me, trying to stay out of anything potentially contentious. I mean in a family kind of way. I lucked out on in-laws on the cFam side of the family. We all get along just fine and no one hires lawyers to harass others with hostile, threatening letters (ugh).

Nevertheless, if you put a bunch of familial adults, each with their own ingrained habits, into a family cabin for a weekend, things can get interesting. We want to be together but we need our own space. We try to stay out of each other’s way but we also have to converse. And we are *all* hanging out on our screens. The GG’s habit of playing random videos LOUDLY bothered one of his siblings today as much as it bothered me and that sibling rather loudly complained, meaning I did not have to scream like a banshee. Since lunch was in the plan, a Big Brek was not in the plan but then The Beautiful Becky mobilized and drove over to Best Choice to snag some B&B (Bacon and Blueberries) and, voila, we had a wonderful pancake and bacon breakfast.

The Plan was and always had been to have Lunch at the Tiki Bar. We had hoped to take the Pontoon Bote over there but Ma Natcher did not cooperate. It wasn’t that it was too rough to take the Bote out. It just wasn’t all that warm. So instead, we drove up to Beaver Creek for a mini-hike, then landed at Paddle Hard Brewery in Grayling for lunch.

In the pic is our fav-o-rite North Country Trail Volunteer at the brewery. And a gratuitous little shot of Lizard Breath’s face. I am not much of a photographer but I think I framed that pic pretty well if I do say so myself.

I am kind of done for today. New folks are being introduced to the family in this era and we welcome them. We hope they will be tolerant of us with all of our flaws. Families are so complicated.

One Response to “Goin’ with the familial flow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Families are indeed very complicated. Go with the flow, as my late husband used to say, enough times that I wanted to strangle him. I’m a bit more of a control freak.